Support Mayor Copeland

Since I’ve had the privilege of serving as Olathe’s Mayor, we’ve worked together to accomplish many great things for our community. We’ve created projects that have transformed our city. We’ve created a destination for families across America wanting to raise their families with a quality of life second to none. We’ve brought government out of the backroom and into the light of transparency and accountability.

We’ve elevated Olathe, Kansas to a place of prominence. It’s nationally and internationally recognized as the place to live, the place to raise a family, the place to invest and the place to do business.

Olathe_Mayor_Mike_Copeland_Meet_Mike3WE have done this . . . not the City, not the City Council and not just the Mayor. We have accomplished these things together. The 94% approval rating Olathe city elected officials enjoy is as much a reflection on you as it is on the City Council or me.

I ask you now to consider helping make sure WE continue moving our community forward. I’ve had the honor of working with you as Mayor for the past ten years, and I would like to continue that honor for the next four years. Like everything that’s been accomplished, I cannot do it alone but only with your continued help. That help includes supporting my re-election campaign. Unfortunately, we’ve passed the age where campaigns can be won with hard work alone. Campaigns also require significant financial resources.

I would like you to consider making a financial commitment to help ensure our community stays on the right path. The general election is April 7, so it’s just around the corner. Since I have one opponent, I will not have a primary election.

Thank you for your consideration.

Michael E. Copeland


The maximum contribution a couple can make is $1,000 per election cycle. Businesses and individuals can contribute up to $500 per cycle. Checks should be made payable to Copeland for Mayor, and can be sent to the following address:

Copeland for Mayor
10520 Quail Ridge Drive
Olathe, Kansas 66061


I also need volunteer help! If you would like to walk your precinct or place a yard sign in your yard, or simply have any questions, please feel free to call me any time at 913-269-6303.